At Stemp Family Chiropractic we encourage our patients to bring their families in for care too! Growing up in a chiropractic family Dr. Stemp knows how important care from a young age was to his health and well-being. Now, he has carried that understanding on with his own family. Each of Dr. Stemp’s four boys was checked and adjusted only minutes after they were born. Drs. Brian and Catherine know that having their children start out subluxation free is vitally important in the development of a healthy child.

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Our Doctors have had the privilege and honor of adjusting thousands of children in the office over the years; from one day old and up to young adulthood.  The families who see the Doctors at Stemp Family Chiropractic notice that their children are sick less, and adapt better to their environments.  And, oh yeah, they rarely need medical intervention with drugs and surgery.

If you are tired of giving your children medications that are often ineffective and always harmful to their bodies try Chiropractic first.  Call today to see if your child could be helped with CHIROPRACTIC.