Dr. Stemp is a certified Biothotic custom orthotic fitter. He has been fitting patients for Biothotic, custom orthotics for over 20 years.

The difference is in the philosophy regarding how to fit you for the right orthotic. Most orthotics are molded to your “pathological” foot. These pathological orthotics are built of a rigid material such as plastic or carbon fiber. Pathological orthotics will never make your feet better, at best they will not let your condition get much worse.

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In comparison, Dr. Stemp first adjusts your pathological foot, then measures your foot to where it is supposed to be, and finally, he builds your orthotic to that specification using a semi-flexible orthotic that will put your foot in the correct position allowing it to actually heal. This is called a Functional Orthotic. Dr. Stemp has seen amazing results using this “Functional” approach giving patients relief from many foot disorders including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, dropped metatarsal heads, Morton’s neuroma, and even back pain from faulty feet. If you are looking for relief from your aching feet please talk to Dr. Brian about Biorhotics.